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Earn your certificate
in just 23 days!


"You won't get such hard work and dedication
from any other class/teacher around!"


"I had a blast throughout the class with all of you.
Again, thank you all. No other CNA class compares to yours!"


"I will always recommend PHCT to anyone."

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"I want to thank all the super awesome people who
stayed through the end for moral support. It meant a lot to me."

Nursing Assistant Classes in Southern Oregon

Located in beautiful Central Point, Oregon, Pacific Health Care is an Oregon State Board of Nursing approved training facility. We have five RN primary instructors with decades of experience and varied backgrounds (ICU, Labor and Delivery, ER, etc.) that will provide hands on training and tutoring. We want you to be successful in your pursuit of an education! Our goal is to have our students learn, succeed and progress in their pursuit of a healthcare career in an atmosphere of support and respect.

Positions for Nursing Assistant’s are expected to grow an estimated 19% over the next ten years, which is a faster rate than the national average. Better yet, working as a Nursing Assistant provides an exceptional foundation upon which to build a professional career in healthcare.

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